July 10, 2012


Back in business! Its been a long time off but not we are back and better than ever! It shouldn't be long now before more great product reviews come rolling in.

March 13, 2012

PWTPT will be put on hold for at least a month

Sadly, for personal reasons, I will be unable to continue posting regularly for the next month or two. When I come back, I will make sure to reply to all of your emails and comments as well as post the review of any product I have promised a review.

March 11, 2012

Sprout Watches

     "Promising less and delivering more" seems to be the motto of an eco friendly watch brand named Sprout. From the outside, sprout looks like just about any other run of the mill watch company, but after doing some research, I learned the truth is quite the opposite. Their mission statement is "to make the most eco-friendly watch we possibly can." building them out of things like organic cotton, corn resin and fish leather I believe they have achieved this goal. One that I like in particular is the organic cotton watch strap with the corn resin/ bamboo face. (pictured above) Over time the organic cotton really molds to your wrist giving it a great worn-in feel. But you should really check it, and all of their other products out on your own at their site here.

March 7, 2012

We Are Love

     Charitable companies are great but more often than not, while you may buy their products for the cause, I find I rarely use things I get from them. We Are Love encompasses simple, yet fashionable designs that make you feel good and look good. WAL donates a significant portion of their profits to charities like SANE, Camp Quality, WWF and many more and does its part by being environmentally friendly even in things like the ink they use to print the shirts. You can do your part by purchasing a wrist band for $2.50 or a variety of shirts starting at $24 at their website here use the code WORTHTHEPRICE to get discount off any product sold by We Are Love!

February 24, 2012

One Less Nemesis Tee's and Apparel

     Hailing from the pacific northwest, One Less Nemesis is a company born from a foundation of cruising slopes up on Steven's Path. The theme of all of their creative designs is "One Less", effectively poking fun at all kinds of topics, skiers in particular. You can get most of their shirts here for $15-$20. They also have a blog for product updates, public relations and giveaways that you can check out here.
     If you think these shirts are as cool as I do, comment on this post for a chance to win one for free!
     (Offer ends 5/24/12)

February 13, 2012

Win A Survival Strap!!!

     Have you seen Survival Straps? You can check them out on their site http://www.survivalstraps.com/ or on Products Worth The Price Tag here. You can win one in black for free! All you have to do is comment on the post on our Facebook page and the person who posts the best comment gets a FREE Survival Strap in black. The comment should be about a situation where you would need to use a survival strap. You can find our Facebook page at this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Products-Worth-The-Price-Tag/346407388720052 Good luck!

     (The competition ends 5/13/2012)

February 11, 2012

Novo Watches

     Steve Christensen created Novo with a distinct vision, to create a timepiece that would match his lifestyle and he has certainty captured that in all of his products. Novo has a palpable personality and doesn't have the corporate feel of a larger company this is very uncommon in watch brands and makes Novo, and all of their products unique.  The Absolute (pictured above in silver) is one of my personal favorites. The Novo logo in the back is actually the hour hand and spins like the other two hands but is a disc instead of a hand. It is stainless steel and waterproof to 3 ATM (basically it is splash proof but can withstand brief exposure to shallow water) and the face is a bit thick, measuring in at 12mm. You can pick this beautiful watch here at the Novo site for $200 CAD which is about $199.58 USD. 

February 1, 2012

Hey Dude Shoes


     You know you can count me in on anything both cool and cozy, especially when you can get it for under $60. Hey Dude Shoes combine the two perfectly and get the best of both worlds in all of their footwear. Part of the comfort factor is that each shoe weighs only 5 ounces! Thats a little more that 1/4 pound. The shoes come in many different models, they have a boot, a few slippers, and even dress shoes. You can pick any of these up here.

January 30, 2012

Jambox by Jawbone


     One of the best features of audio devices in wireless-ness and that's something that very few products are taking advantage of. The Jambox takes the opportunity to fill the niche claiming it is the smallest, best sounding, wireless speaker on the planet and I couldn't agree more. For $199 you can pick one up in red, grey, blue, black, or the limited edition yellow Jambox that will donate $50 to help people who need it get water. You can pick one up here it will work with almost any mp3 player, phone, and all of the ipods.

January 26, 2012

Jack Threads


     No matter where you go, you can never find all of the things you want. That's what people love about the internet, it leaves more than enough room for innovation and allows you to learn, find, or buy just about anything without ever moving from a computer. Jack Threads takes advantage of this to its full extent with its online store, offering both big name and up and rising brands at up to 80% off retail price. This is a website you can't afford not to know, sign up through this personal invite from me here. Make sure to check back daily because they add three or four new sales every day.